What We Do

Sydney Stonemasons provides a wealth of expertise and top-of-the-line services for your institution, business and home. We are particularly focused on the restoration of heritage buildings as we believe that these important structures are critical to the identity and economy of cities.

We source our stone’s from one of nine prestigious quarries nationally. We use the stone architects prefer quality-tested for geo-technic integrity. Our stone is strength-guaranteed for load-bearing and slip resistance. We collaborate with your designers and product-match to perfection to ensure a perfect finish from colour to high quality fixings.

Our quarries subscribe to a strict environmental charter supporting sustainability values.
Sample stone are available upon request.

Bringing the Ancient Craft of Stonemasonry to Modern Times

Stonemasonry is one of the oldest crafts in human history. The ancients relied on master stonemasons to build their most impressive and lasting monuments. Stonemasons train for years and are highly valued as the master of all craftsmen. The art of stonemasonry is in the preservation of the stone form and quality of craftsmanship. Our long-term vision is to set up base in every state in Australia with an aim to conserve the heritage of Australian buildings and to work on residential, commercial and heritage projects while offering high-end finishes at competitive prices.

Our Services

Heritage Restoration

Sydney Stonemasons provides the following services for the restoration of heritage buildings:

  •   Traditional Stonemasonry
  •   Brickwork Replacement and Re-pointing
  •   Brickwork stitching and repairs
  •   Masonry Repairs
  •   Architectural preservation
  •   Facade Cleaning
  •   Lead paint removal
  •   Lintel Replacements
  •   Window sill replacements
  •   Mechanical fixing Repairs
  •   Conservation Works
  • Commercial

    Sydney Stonemasons provides the following services for the construction and development of enterprise:

  •    Safety Management
  •    Quality Control
  •    Tailored to suit Projects
  •    Foyers and entries
  •    Interiors
  •    Feature Walls
  •    Rockfaced Walls
  •    Marble and Granite fixing
  •    Retaining Walls
  •    Remedial Stoneworks
  • Residential

    Sydney Stonemasons provides the following services for the development and care of your home:

  •    Marble and Granite fixing
  •    Mechanical Fixing
  •    Pointing, Stone capping
  •    Stone flagging
  •    Cleaning and Re-pointing
  •    Step Treads and Risers
  •    Arches
  •    Sea walls and pool surrounds
  •    Feature walls
  •    Epoxy Patching
  •    Stone Imitation
  •    Stone Steps
  •    Stone Paving
  •    Retaining Walls
  •    Cladding